Love The Mooseness

What is Mooseness?

April 9, 2020

More than anything, Mooseness is a feeling. Of community, connectedness, and belonging. Families caring for children with serious illnesses find Mooseness at our medical specialty camp, North Star Reach.

During this time of the coronavirus crisis, we're finding new spaces to gather together. And this podcast is one of them. If you've never visited our camp, we're delighted you're here. Because we are engaging in important conversations that matter now more than ever to all caregivers, but especially parents of children living with chronic illnesses.

Our co-hosts have dedicated their lives to building meaningful communities that support families caring for children with serious health challenges.

Smith_Family.jpg Patrick Smith is a husband, dad (to Milo), and has spent his professional life as a camp director, creating adaptive and inclusive programs for children with cancer and other serious health challenges.
Mary_Ann_Family.jpg Mary Ann Fithian is a wife, mom (to Faith and Will), community organizer and author. On her popular blog "MyFaithsJourney," she writes, "We are in this entirely difficult position, we are definitely confined by the illness she has, and there are moments where it literally seems to control every area of our lives, but in no way, not even for a minute do we let it define who we are. She is not an illness. She’s not the sick kid." 


We hope you'll visit often and share in our conversations with other caregivers. Along the way, you too will experience Mooseness. Trust us. You'll know it when feel it. Once you do, it's yours to have and to hold and take with you wherever you go.



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